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Marc Hummel is a writer, etc.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, a good amount of handmade furniture, and a lot of clothes.

He sometimes puts his dog Paulie into a public dog house.

He likes tech, music, podcasts, bicycles, and telling stories. He doesn't remember 9/11.

On a good day, he looks something like this:

Marc Hummel
He enjoys writing with stationery, drawing stationary objects, and reading non-fiction books.

Marc is also a part-time model. His niche role is posing as a student for schools he has never attended. For Marc's headshot, go here. (He is the guy in glasses on the left holding the brown notebook.)

People often tell Marc he looks sort of like so-and-so famous person. View the photo album.

He also has a Tumblr blog that documents all the times in which hypodermic needles appear on NPR, and one entitled guess which state. If I told you more here, it would ruin the joke.

Marc used to have his own clothing company. It was called bminus.

You may also find Marc on the following services: