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Post #1, case study:
Blog-version of a case study made for Monetate client Frontgate. It was designed to pique interest in a new product, Dynamic Testing.

It starts with a compelling introduction, followed by a concise overview of the problem Frontgate faced, and the solution Monetate provided. It wraps up with a clear CTA, which supported our product marketing efforts.

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Post #2, content activation:
Blog post designed to increase downloads of the Q3 2016 edition of the Monetate ecommerce report.

It features a few high-level insights from the report, followed by a clear CTA, which directs the user to a lead-gen form.

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Post #3, current events:
This post was intended to capitalize on the public's interest in a current event/newsworthy item.

This post discusses the implications of Facebook bot API, which were announced at the 2016 F8 conference.

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