i make smoothies based on whatever ingredients i have on hand.

sometimes they are good. sometimes they suck.

here's an up-to-the-minute stream of the smoothies i make. i normally use the same base ingredients. they are listed below.

if a smoothie departs from the base, i'll use the minus sign to denote that in the tweet. i.e. (base –banana + kiwi, strawberries, ginger)

all measurements are approximate. as with everything in life, do what feels right.

i will also rate them so you can tell if they suck or not before you make them.

this is the base:

—1 banana (frozen or not)

—handful frozen pineapples or mangoes. (something earthy)

—handful frozen berries (blueberry, mixed, etc)

—1 Tbsp chia seeds (for protein & omega 3 fatty acids! i soak them in water for 10 mins or so.)

—raw almonds (handful or 2. if you used salted ew)

—water (cup or so)

here are a few of my latest: